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B - Sculpteze Plaster Casting Kit  

B - Sculpteze Plaster Casting Kit.
Makes 3 litres of Moulding Gel; enough for coupled hands, face or a number of small sculptures.

This pack contains enough moulding gel and plaster to produce sculptures as per the table below. Larger pieces may require more materials.

Sculpture Moulding Gel Required Suggested Moulding Container
Baby or Child's Foot One half (1/2) of a baby/child pack Rectangular margarine tub
Baby or Child's hand One quarter (1/4) of a baby/child pack Round youghurt tub or similar
Coupled Hands or
Coupled Hands (& Child's Hand)
One (1) pack Kit packaging tube
Face One (1) pack 4 lt. Mixing bowl
Group Of hands Two (2) packs Household bucket or tub

Price: AU$59.00

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