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1 x Sculpteze Plaster 2kg
1 x Paw Prints
1 x B - Sculpteze Plaster Casting Kit
Total AU$96.00

At the studio we can help to create the sculpture you are after.

We can finish/paint/mount your sculpture to suit the decor of your home or office. If you have a particular position, theme or look in mind take advantage of our 20 years studio experience.

We are based in Melbourne, keep flexible working hours and are fun to have at parties and events, and will travel anywhere if viable.

Studio Price List

Sculpture Type Price

Child's hand or foot


Hand plaque


Family hands


Coupled hands


Face (Profile or front on)

2 faces in profile together



Small/Medium Plaque (profile to belly)


Large Plaque (profile to belly)


Side-on (arm pit to thigh)


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